Entry #3

Sup! Guess who got outta prison?

2015-03-01 14:40:45 by ShotaAkio

Kidding, I didn't actually go to prison.

Anyways, I'm finally back with Improved art, my own official art style and my very crappy coloring (I still gotta work on that).  I might be a little bit more active on this site, cause why not? I kinda missed this place. It's great to be home!


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2015-03-01 15:22:30

Welcome back, Hot Stuff


2015-03-02 02:31:02

Welcome back!

...I miss the chat :(

ShotaAkio responds:

Yeah, I noticed it was gone- I feel your pain man. ;_; Hhhhhhhhhhhh


2015-03-02 13:08:57

Lmao I thought there was gonna be a good story in this post from prison

ShotaAkio responds:

If it makes you feel any better, there might be one four hundred years from now. I'll be dying to tell you about it.